Repair Services

Repair Services are an added bonus of Barcode Repair's business. Whether you have newer equipment, old legacy DOS equipment or anything in between, the experts at Barcode Repair have the ability to replace broken parts and tackle the issues.

Part replacements are done at our repair facility in Ferndale, Washington with our staff of professional technicians. Once a unit is repaired, it goes through our testing procedures which include a Keyboard, Display, Memory, Battery, Scanner, Processor, and Communication test.

Most repairs are completed within our standard 3-5 days. Faster services are available. Let us know what your issues are. If it is a simple part, we'll usually give you an immediate quote over the phone or by email. If it is something more complex, send in your equipment and we'll provide a written quote.

Call us today 1-360-393-4736 and see how we can service your needs.